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Gefunden: Würfelmechanimus

Manchmal findet man interessante Dinge im Netz. Die folgende Idee rpg.nets SteveD scheint mir so. Es handelt sich um eine Art Style Roll (um mit Weapons of the Gods zu sprechen). Es wird also nicht festgestellt, ob ein Problem gelöst wird, sondern wie, und speziell hier: von welchem Protagonisten.

It probably already exist, but I noticed that generally what happens in dramatic scenes in TV and film is the character succeeds. The question is not so much whether, but how. And also WHO. I mean, we've all had things like this in a game, where the GM says "roll perception" and the one who rolls highest spots the thing. Alternatively, you get somebody going:

"I'll ask the guard to let us through *clatter* damn I fail."
"Here, let me try. (clatter) HA! made it!"

Indeed, the above can sometimes happen where the first player has a really high stat and the second a low one, and wackiness occurs. You also may have to justify why they can Try Again. Anyway, the idea of this system is to cut to the chase. The question is not whether, but who and how.

Every PC has say, three stats, three things they do well, and one weakness. Now try and order them from the thing they do better than anyone else. Then you assign them to certain dice ranges. Let's imagine our old friend Batman. He might have something like this:

7-8 World's Greatest Detective
5-6 The Right Gadget/Vehicle
3-4 The Ultimate Martial Artist
1-2 Brooding Martyr Complex

Sure, you might argue that fighting is more important for Bats but if he's hanging out in the JLA, it's not something that sets him apart, and that's the key here. And maybe Supes has

7-8 Man of Steel
5-6 Eyes of Burny Hotness
3-4 Flying Real Fast
1-2 Boy Scout

Now, something happens. Like maybe Lex Luthor drops a whale on Aquaman. Bats and Supes roll. The rule is this: whoever rolls the highest saves the day. And the number he gets tells you HOW he saves the day.

So Supes rolls a 5 and Bats rolls a 7. Supes turns on his eyes of burny hotness but they don't work! Why not? Work it out with the GM. But how then does detectivorizing save the day? Who knows! Work it out.

For extra angst: If you roll your weakness, and you don't win, you don't help at all because you're having angst and stuff. Why? You figure it out. If you roll your weakness AND YOU STILL WIN then you fuck everything up because while everyone is distracted, your angst rode in high-saddle and dominated the entire scene.

Of course, if you want a game where people make mistakes all the time, you can make more than just the bottom category a failure category. Then you can have multiple ways to fuck things up. Indeed, you could have an entire character or entire team who ONLY have ways to fuck things up. It's still fun because you get to roll who makes the mistake and what personal defect causes it. Was it Fry's stupidity or Bender's alcoholism or Zoidberg's appetite? Only a die roll will tell you.

And that's all I got.

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