Samstag, September 15, 2007

Clearing a few things up --- for the Pundit

...and in order to do so, it's English today.

Generally I find not overwhelmingly interesting, but this topic caught my interest.

Firstly, there probably is a misunderstanding. To the Forgite the GM is a player, just like there are 11 players on a team in football: The keeper is one of them.

So let's assume we have a GM who abides by the rule of "Say Yes or Roll Dice". That means he has no formal veto against anything another player might say, but he is still a player himself.

Now assuming someone did that atomic bomb thing on Middle Earth the GM couldn't say no, but the guy who happens to GM at that time can say: "Man, you sure talking shit right here."

That might seem confusing, but you have to understand that to the Forgite the GM is really just the keeper, and not the captain. The latter is often dubbed "alpha-player" in Forgespeek, and of course the guy who GMs has a good chance of ending up alpha-player, too.

That means, to you GM might be role, but for the Forgite the GM is only just a rule.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Pundit has generally some funny ideas about the Forge and its ideas, and especially his opinion on the role of the GM and the meaning of player empowerment in Forge games is wildly exaggerated (though it has an element of truth if compared to traditional adventure games or especially WW-style storytelling).

Otherwise, I enjoy to participate on possibly the only RPG forum where free speech is regarded as a value of itself, especially as nobody (except maybe Settembrini) follows wholeheartedly Pundits stances, even though at least 2/3 of the threads are crap to me. (But then again, where on the internet isn't 66,7%+ of everything crap? ;-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Btw, should I link or C&P this article into the linked thread? I doubt the Pundit reads the German blogosphere, and as I have already got an constructively used account on theRPGsite and am known as strongly opposed to GNS, I can do it without much trouble and effort. (Recently there's some paranoia towards a Forge "invasion" after some threads got out of hand and spreaded into other threads, including the Poison'd discussion and TonyLBs Q&A.)

Stefan / 1of3 hat gesagt…

I wrote him a message, but if you like do so.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'll just wait. If nothing happens until next weekend or so, I can still post it.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Perhaps it would be better to use the term "Soccer" instead of "Football".